1. nerefir

    Rider actors appreciation♥ thread

    Thread for pictures of Rider actors. Use thumbnails if they're huge, use hide tag if you have a lot or if they are NSFW, use an image host (not Facebook please, a lot of us can't see them from there). Labeling at least the actor's name will also help. Here are my top 3 at the moment. Takeru...
  2. MetalSymphony

    Survey - The top 10 Sexiest Uniforms

    Goo.ne.jp So this survey polled both J-Men and woman over what kind of uniforms are the most sexy on a woman: 10 - Policewoman 9 - Elevator Girl 8 - Office Lady 7 - Receptionist 6 - Shrine Maiden (Miko) 5 - Maid 4 - Stewardess 3 - Waitress 2 - Cheerleader 1 - Nurse And i would like to give...