Survey - The top 10 Sexiest Uniforms

So this survey polled both J-Men and woman over what kind of uniforms are the most sexy on a woman:

10 - Policewoman
9 - Elevator Girl
8 - Office Lady
7 - Receptionist
6 - Shrine Maiden (Miko)
5 - Maid
4 - Stewardess
3 - Waitress
2 - Cheerleader
1 - Nurse

And i would like to give my personal honorable mention to the female JDSF uniform.

what kind of uniforms do you find hot?


It stinks.
Wow, I thought being a 'Maid' would be second place. Also, I never really thought about being 'Stewardess' was sexy.

I prefer cheerleaders or nurses.
*Lick my lips*

What I find so hot..turns me on so much!!!

Policewoman, Waitress, Cheerleader, NURSE!!!! I sure would get that nose bleed!

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