1. N

    Power Rangers Dino Assault

    Team Name: Power Rangers Dino Assault Power Type: Dinosaurs/Music Based on: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Characters: Full Name: Declan Montgomery Ranger Designation: Red Dino Assault Ranger Weapons/Gear: Dino Pistol, Dino Sword, Tyranno Battery, Tyranno Pincers, Carnivale Mode, Communicator Zord...
  2. M

    Cyber Sentai Kikaiger

    Feedback wanted please. -Cyber Sentai Kikaiger- Synopsis- The mighty force of nature Devil Eden has crawled out of the depths of the planet to punish humanity for polluting the Earth, bringing them with them the terrible and monstrous Treglants grown from Negative Seeds. All weapons prove...
  3. Kamen Rider Cartoonist

    Holiday Art Sale

    I'm holding a sale on commissions all through the month of December. Great deals on digital and traditionally hand drawn art, including; official Marvel Comics merchandise, drawings of any character where you get the original 1-of-a-kind artwork, and deals where you can get free sketch cards...