1. Nathan Gibson

    Rock Band VR Launching In March

    Nathan Gibson submitted a new blog post Rock Band VR Launching In March Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  2. SaikoDragon

    That one song, the one you haven't heard in a long time

    That song you completely forgot about; when the song plays, it instantly forces you back in time on a nostalgic trip. What was the song for you? What memories did it provoke? mine, today: Get Comfortable - The Junior Varsity
  3. nerefir


    Since there are at least 2 of us that like DP, a thread is in order. :buttrock: Digest from their concert on December 17: DA PUMPが1400人を魅了 - YouTube
  4. NateRiver

    The Korean Music Thread [LOOK IN THE MEDIA MATRIX FOR IT]

    I think the old thread got washed down with the Media Matrix.Tell me if I failed and it was secretly out of my sight.
  5. TJOmega

    Rider War (Decade)

    Hey, I can do music videos, too! ...I just cant do it on YouTube since I'm a partner there. So instead, check it here: http://blip.tv/tj-tv/the-rider-war-kamen-rider-decade-5233107