1. supernatural

    Tech Google is going Facebook style!

    Google is planning to add personalized news feeds to users. That means their homepage will display matters of interest to you which is based on your previous searches. Now as you see the homepage of Google is mostly a white page and now it will show your favorite content. This way Google is...
  2. DECADE453145

    Facebook redirected to Myspace!?

    is any1 else getting a problem where you try to go on facebook but ends up in myspace instead? or is my computer just acting weird? O_O EDIT: solved by rebooting...it turns out it's just a problem with my router. sorry guys ^^;;
  3. lycan

    Another Facebook thread? The Hell, you say!

    Rather than risk getting in trouble for bumping a thread that's been dead since 2008, I thought I'd start a new one. It'd be nice to have more people as friends who understand the subtle kick-assitude of Toku and not think I was crazy (...or at least, not AS crazy). http://facebook.com/cgmolinar