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    Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey! Pooh Bear becomes evil

    I just read an interview of the director and apparently, Pooh and Piglet killed Eeyore and ate him. They might have killed Tigger too.
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    WB Delays Shazam And Aquaman Sequels Yet Again

    Shazam doesn't even need to be advertised because audiences love it. All they had to do was make up a funny tale and keep the project's participants off of social media. I'd like to see a "keep your damn mouth silent" clause included in the contracts of the movie financiers for all parties...
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    Squid Game: The Challenge auditions announced together with Season 2

    $4.56 Million dollars can put me on early retirement. I will try to manifest positivity so I will get accepted on the show. Contestants will not die so there is no risk joining. I don't think people will remember me if I lose.
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    Angelyne: Where are they now?

    Her Social media following is sadly not that strong.
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    Is Rangerboard working?

    for some reason I cna't acess it.
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    Gundam Seed Destiny

    Which girl, IYO, is the hottest, and why? I would have to say mine is Lunamaria and her sister, whose name I forgot =P
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    RangerBoard's New Rule is the last straw! I now offcially hate RB >.< Or it could be a very bad April Fool's prank>.<
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    Sasaki Isao

    What do you guys think of his music?