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  • Did I miss Tackle? I'm interested n getting that exclusive at some point. I'm also interested if the Mantles come back into circulation. Please let me know when if and when these items become available
    hi oki
    I was referred by shukuenShinbi
    I was wondering how much would it be for kroryuger red and blue and green.
    also for white ranger and petra ranger
    Hey there, I was wondering if you had any leads on a Blue Digimon Xros Loader? If you can help me that would be great. Thank you!
    Hey there Oki! I'm new to HJU and I was wondering if you can help me buy a dx fourze driver?
    hi there, evoluder kamina reffered me to you. i was curious if you would probably be able to pick me up a few things here and there as i find them. specifically, s.h. figuarts wild tiger and barnaby brooks from tiger and bunny, and the tajador effects parts.
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