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    Bayonetta 3 Introduces second playable character Viola

    I thought Loki will make a comeback in this game. I enjoyed him in Bayonetta 2.
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    Thirteen lives, Movie based from the 2018 Thai Cave rescue

    Wow, it's very incredible that they are making this movie. I've always been curious in the entire journey and how intense it truly was because I first heard about this narrative during motivational presentations in high school.
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    Dazzler Suits Up Crime Thriller THE OUTFIT For UK Release This August

    I'm not sure why no one is talking about this flick when it was in theaters because it is so Good. Such an underrated gem.
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    The First Joker 2 Details Sound Completely Nuts

    Gaga was incredible in A Star Is Born, and she had so many interesting clothes and concepts in her earlier music videos / awards shows runways that she'd even perform in them. I can't wait for her to come on board as Harley.Don't underestimate Joaquin's singing abilities... his performance in...
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    Miss Marvel is getting review bombed by self proclaimed Marvel Geeks

    Comicgaters, The more they act this way, the more their virginity will stay intact.
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    Which HeiSei Rider Do You Hate The Most???

    There are already several Kamen Rider Series and Movies that have been shown since 1971. Alongside with that hundreds of Kamen Riders had emerged up until now.Sticking up to the HeiSei Era, more and more Riders grow and continue to make names around the world. Most of them are liked by the...