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    Resident Evil: Project W finally revealed by Dead by Daylight!

    Resident Evil characters just invaded the survivor roster of dead by daylight.
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    In A New York Minute Movie Review

    I love films about the Asian American experience. So familiar yet so foreign, I really Don't know why China hates Asian American films.
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    My Fake Boyfriend, Catfishing to make your Ex Jelous

    Maybe they prefer gay roles now because they are now living their truth
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    True Crime Documentaries available in Netflix that will haunt you

    Netflix also have a documentary about the evil corporation Cambridge Analytica. That company spreads fake news to spread misinformation.
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    Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area-Netflix attempt to combine the fanbase of Squid Game and Money Heist

    Please don't let this one fail since I have high hopes for it. The original was fantastic, but I have trust in this stellar cast. Korea never fails to impress!!
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    Angelyne, The Pre-Internet Influencer

    I want Emmy to sing again, I mean look at some of her songs:I am happy she is still getting some acting jobs but I want to see her sing more.
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    Killing it! Now available at Peacock!

    Killing it is really Killing it! I love all the episodes I watched so far. Jillian is a character I want to protect of all cost!
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    Heavy Metal Fantasy Manga BASTARD!! to receive Anime series…finally!

    I am so torn, I love the Manga but it's Netflix. Netflix have a habit of canceling shows before their time. How sure are we they can do this justice and finally animate the whole series.
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    Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

    I was crying in the theaters when I watched it. No Way home is a roller coaster ride and a once in a lifetime experience!
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    Killing it! Now available at Peacock!

    Finally! Craig Robinson is finally a lead actor on his own series. Vegans will be hating the concept about a show where people kills animals for money though but invasive animals destroys echo systems.
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    Girls5eva Season 2 drops it’s first trailer

    Oh, I love this show, It has a unique kind of humor, and I like how it inspires middle-aged people that it is not too late to pursue their dreams. We live in a world where 40 is not considered young when people of this age are in good health condition.
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    Our Father – A true Crime Story where all the victims are alive

    Their parents must be in a state of shock. Think about it, oh man. These women believed they were pregnant because of their husbands, but the children were not their husbands'. Their children would almost certainly date their own siblings. Damn. I'm feeling terrible for them all. There's a good...