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  • watch yukan club, you'll wanna strangle the guy. XD

    but...hanayome does sound like it'd be good now.
    most people said the dad was annoying. a few said they found ishihara satomi annoying... :O

    and i haven't had a great experience with taguchi's acting :[
    so i was looking at your completed list of dramas.

    how do you feel about...attention please, gal circle, and hanayome to papa? i'd watch hanayome for ishihara satomi but i've heard that the drama was really annoying. :[ and gal circle has erika toda right? but ryoutarou said that drama sucked. XD
    actually watching the end of H2 made me reconsider the name. because at first i thought it was mainly referring to Hiro and Hideo...but at the end, they showed a bunch of Hiro and Koga now i'm thinking it was for Hiro and Haruka. yayy.

    fantastic deerman. lol. well, can't go wrong with ayase haruka. i found out about byakuyako or whatever...with yamada takayuki and ayase haruka. sounds really heavy though.

    i'll give fantastic deerman a whirl.
    mariko was the sweetest character ever. <3


    yeahhh...spoilers are bad. XD a lot of the time i end up reading them anyway because i can't wait to find out what happens and i don't have time to finish the series right away, lol.

    nobuta wasn't that great, imo. definitely overrated. i was okay with the ending.

    i...would like more recs from you. if you have any. onegaishimasu. XD

    i definitely liked the ending. i read that the relationships weren't resolved...but heck, they were! yatta! kunimixkoga yay.

    really? i mean, i didn't really like her in LIAR GAME all that much. her favorite role of mine was in can't say you didn't like mariko-chan. <3

    i think i might watch it, but i don't mind reading spoilers at you can probably tell. XD but no, i just read about the ending. :[ Definitely tell me something about it, maybe it'll make me feel like watching it? ^_^

    i REALLY don't like hikari. least favorite character fo sho. that settles it...i can't stand ichikawa yui. because i haven't liked her in anything.
    yeah, i already know the ending of taiyou no uta. :[

    and lol, i read about the ending. it upsets me, 'cause i love the kunimi/koga pairing. ^_^

    yep, saw them. a lot of the actors were really familiar...i don't want this show to end haha. 2 more episodes.
    Yas would make a great Kine, Blade should be that one manager who keeps trying to get with Tachibana. XD

    Ah, good stuff.

    So I found what happens as far as relationships go...and...darn. :[
    it's okay if it sounds gay, because it's true youre my kunimi. XD

    yeah, the names.

    and yeah, shows like these are my favorite. ^_^ Any more you know of? XD
    hahaha. it's fine if it's true. XD

    and i like the cleverness of the show title, lol.

    i'm starting to dislike hikari. :[

    but yeah, good stuff.
    How would I know? You're a mystery through and through. XD

    But yeah, Satomi is gorgeous. ^_^ Ichikawa Yui's a little better in this one too, and dude AbareKiller's actor is awesome.
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