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    The 3-6-5 Project

    Movie #1 January 1st, 2006 Red Beard (1965) directed by Akira Kurosawa"Rashomon", "Seven Samurai", "Yojimbo". The collaborations between director, Akira Kurosawa and actor, Toshiro Mifune have proven to be true cinema classics. Presenting visual displays of storytelling at it's best...
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    DC Comics for December 2005

    Da LinkAll Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #4 I'm on the fence about this one. The first two issues have been a dissapointment. I'm not liking Frank Miller's characterization of Batman at all. And the series hasn't been what DC promised that the "All Star" line would be. The only real...
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    Something That's Been Bugging Me About The Fishboys

    We've all seen the Aquaman jokes over the years. How he's the biggest loser of the Super Friends because all he can do is talk to fish and such.So how come no one ever makes wisecracks about Namor the Sub-Mariner? How did he manage to get some respect from the fanboys while Arthur gets...
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    The Matt Hardy Show

    The Matt Hardy ShowMatt's making his own reality show. Looks like Jack@$$ with wrestling in it. Oh and he busts a cap on Lita's ass, as opposed to what Edge has been bustin' on it.
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    Comic Country 4-20-05

    I'll be posting more reviews throughout the weekend but here's the first two from last week's books.Batman: Gotham Knights #64 - DC "Human Nature, Book Four" by A.J. Lieberman (w), Al Barrionuevo (p) & Bit (i) A group of orphans that Poison Ivy befriended over the years have started...
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    Kamen Rider Gai & Ouja Figures

    Diamond Distributors which primarily handles distribution of comic books in the direct market has started to carry imported Kamen Rider figures. So these guys are showing up in comic book stores and specialty shops around the country. There's two sizes. The deluxe figures which run between...