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    Ken Masters and Eliza Divorce, The break up that shook up the video game world

    I never mained Ken, My Mains in Street Fighter V are Karin and Charlie but Ken is so alone right now. So I will main him out of pity.
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    Aww Yeah, Another Prey Trailer

    The first teaser got me excited but this trailer is even better. We need more Science Fictions in Historical settings.
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    The Imperfects: Iñaki Godoy turns into a monster before he plays Luffy

    There is a PlayStation fighting game titled Bloody Roar and it's plot have similarities with this series. LOL at the Emily in Paris Shade. I can't believe that terribad show is renewed up to four seasons while great shows gets canceled.
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    Blasted : Bros before UF-hoes

    These are the types of films Netflix should explore. Not some awful resident evil knockoff or some Mary Sue American proving to French people in Paris that Americans are superior. I really hope Netflix will release this wonderful show in English. So much of their new programming is aimed at...
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    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I was glued to the screen every time Kenobi appeared on the screen. Reva's inquisitor stuff was surprisingly lackluster. The more they tried to portray her as an angry badass, the less I could take her seriously. I'm not sure if it was the direction, the writing, or the acting, or a combination...
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    Stranger Things

    Nancy and Steve Back together again while Nancy havent broken up with Jonathan. Are they are trying to make her Santa's laugh.
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    New For Game Boy: Glory Hunters

    So this is not multiplatform, It is indentional for the old school Gameboys. I wish my Gameboy is still working but it gave up before I purchased my first Gameboy color.
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    Netflix lost 25% of their subscribers, What caused this exodus

    They blame the consumers when they are the one who keeps raising the prices of subscription. I wont mind the inflation of it means shows are safe from cancelation but they keep on canceling good shows.
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    Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

    I use to have a dream of seeing all James Bond Actors in one movie but it will never happen because most of them are dead. This movie made that fantasy happen in some ways.
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    Square Announces Kingdom Hearts 4, Has Trailer Footage Ready

    🤣🤣🤣Knowing the reputation of this series, I will get to play it when I am 60 years old at Playstation 9.😂🤣🤣
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    Parents Television and Media Council are Mad because Disney Plus is adding Marvel Netflix shows

    @ cmoneyspinner You seemed Familiar...😉 Parents wanted the companies to censor for them. It is like they are trying to skip parenthood and leaves the responsibility to others.
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    How to Shield Surf in BOTW – Shield Surfing in Breath of the Wild

    Whoa I didn't even know you can do that. Had I discovered that earlier my playthroughs would have been faster. There are some terrains that are frustrating to cross and Had I knew I can do this my life would have been easier.
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    This is like a Mega Crossover of Toku actors. I like it when I see Toku actors are getting jobs after their series ended.
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    Street Fighter : Real People that Inspired the creation of the characters

    LOL at every fighting game having a Bruce Lee Look alike! Mortal Kombat have Liu Kang and Tekken have Martial Law.