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    Dead Island 2 comes back from the grave 8 years later!

    Is that Sam B from the first game?
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    Karaoke actors, do you still remember them?

    My mom use to be one. Japan back then have huge demand for White people to become Karaoke models. My mom was a model for the song "Yellow Bird" She was instructed to act sad while walking around the zoo. They also showed shots of birds but the birds are not even yellow. They are a bunch of ravens.
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    Bridget from Guilty Gear caused an online debate after coming out as trans

    As a Bridget Main, I think it's completely twisted that his entire character is about proving to the world that he is a Guy and that his birth is NOT a Bad Omen, only for them to retcon it in a tacky way, and just making him trans out of the blue fundamentally misses the point of the character...
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    Bayonetta 3 Introduces second playable character Viola

    That this series is a Nintendo exclusive is a pity. PlayStation 3 is where I finished the first game and I had a blast. Sadly I didn't get to play Bayonetta 2 thanks to being a Nintendo exclusive. A wider audience would have been reached if the game was available on many platforms.
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    The Deer King Now Playing In The US

    So Sword of the Stranger and Princess Mononoke cross paths? I am definitely thrilled about this because I adore both of those movies, which rank among my all-time favorites. In addition, the fact that it is a father and kid narrative makes me think of The last of us.
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    Ashley Graham’s face model for Resident Evil 4 remake revealed

    Clown girl got so popular that there is now a documentary about her! 🤣
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    Conjuring Kesha

    She is not Afraid of Ghosts because Ghosts are safer to deal with over the people controlling the music industry. Her dollar sign era, is not the real her, It is a character forced to her by the people managing her. She can actually sing but they forced her to use auto-tune. She also got a Me...
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    Harley Quinn Season 3: Harley and Ivy, from Best friends to lovers

    I was unaware that there would be a third season because I assumed they had finished after the second. I like Harley with Joker, but it doesn't really matter because it already failed when they decided to make Harley and Ivy an item, which in my opinion was extremely unnecessary because our...
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    Will Smith won an Oscar but its not the Reason why people are talking about him

    If I were the director and producer of G.I Jane, I would make G.I Jane 2 a thing now because this is the free publicity it needed.
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    HBO Max’s Close Enough Returns April 7

    This excites me tremendously. Most people were completely unaware of it, which is unfortunate. However, this show is a lot of fun. After a lengthy wait, the third season is finally here. TBS reruns, thankfully, helped the sitcom gain traction. Personally, I believe it should have premiered on...
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    Hoyeon FKA HoYeon Jung finally got her Hollywood Break

    The director of Squid Game said he might bring back Hoyeon as Kang Sae-Byok Twin sister. He knows she is a draw and its the only way she can go back if her character is dead.