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    Tokusatsu Underwear Claim Thread

    There are many claim threads now for even songs, so why not underwear?Rules: You can claim any underwear from any tokusatsu series as long as it is interesting enough and not just chosen because it's generic cloth on a half-naked person. This includes Eiji's pantsu used for recurrent comedy or...
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    [K-Drama] Pasta

    Made tag for K-Drama since there is no K-Drama tag. :(Anyway, it's back on TV! I felt it would be, but when I watched TV today, I knew when I saw it.Synopsis: Pasta is the story of Seo Yu Kyeong who. after three years of being a kitchen assistant, gets the chance to become a pasta assistant...
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    2011 Japan Earthquake Resources

    I didn't want this getting buried because it's useful and it's important.Please be sure to use the person finder. If you know someone is safe and others may not know for some reason, it could really make a difference.Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles
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    [ASIAN-ENT] Cinderella Man

    Story:Cinderella Man is the story of Oh Dae San who is the twin brother of the heir to the fashion empire Sophia Apparel. Dae San's brother, Lee Jun Hee, is separated from his mother soon after birth and he lives a rich yet miserable life while Dae San lives as a poor but happy "businessman"...
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    Kamen Rider Double Forever - Gaia Memory of Fate - Discussion thread

    What did you all think of it? I thought it was great. The fights were well-made and the concept of the T2 Memories was interesting. Joker rules. OOO's appearance was anitclimactic.Maria got shot by Daido a few times, but she has no bullet wounds and she doesn't bleed. That thing Daido used was...
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    Kamen Rider X! Set Up! Set Up! Set Up!

    Set Up! Set Up! Set Up!We're finally will be all able to watch it now! Gather here, all you X Rider fans.I'm sure you all know of some of the later enemies, but let's keep the mention of them low for now.What do you all think of Jin Keisuke? I think he's one of the coolest characters...
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    [ASIAN-ENT] K-Drama Watch List and Discussion thread

    Am I alone? :(So here's my list...Personal Preference/Personal Taste (MBC): It has good humor and it is a good K-Drama overall.1st Shop of the Coffee Prince/Coffee Prince (MBC): Second K-Drama and it is one of my favoritesCinderella Man (MBC): My first K-Drama and it is one of my...
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    The Coolest Debut

    What's the coolest debut you've seen so far? This can be people, forms, kaijin, etc.I thought CycloneJoker Xtreme's debut was just amazing. That and Accel Trial were just some of the best without a doubt. Faiz's Accel and Blaster Forms were great as well.I liked Shadow Moon's debut in Black...
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    Has anyone else started watching tokusatsu series because of an Ultra Series?

    I see a lot of Rider fans who started with Black, I see people who probably started with Sentai, I see people who started with Power Rangers, and I see people who started with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, but where are all the people who started with an Ultra Series?I started because of Ultraman...
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    The Most Epic Henshin

    Which are the most epic transformations you've seen? They can be from Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, Ultra Series, Super Sentai, or any tokusatsu that has a henshin sequence.The two top ones I've seen are from Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost and from Kamen Rider Double.#1: Kamen Rider Faiz vs...
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    Is there even a Paradise Lost Blu-Ray Director's Cut Available?

    Is there a Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost Blu-Ray Director's Cut somewhere, or is it all just Theatrical Version for the Blu-Ray? I've been looking in many places, but they all say "Theatrical Version." It normally would not bother me if there wasn't anything added and it was just "Kamen Rider...
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    RSS Feeds

    What the hell just happened? I got like a dozen of Mr. Yellow posts clogging the New Posts because he linked to the CS Toys Blog.
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    [J-DRAMA] Ryomaden (The Most Epic Series on Television)

    This without a doubt is the greatest series I have ever seen and probably will ever see. Fukuyama Masahiro, though a bit older than his character is the perfect role for the perfect script. Every week, this series amazes me. Who else here watches it? I know at least one of you does. :thumbs:
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    I'm thinking of Pre-Ordering Double Forever.

    Hello Double fans. I'm thinking of pre-ordering Double Forever. Double was such a great show and the movie looks epic. I was thinking about it yesterday and I really want to pre-order it.I'm thinking this one is perfect. There's also this one, but I don't know. I want the DVD version, but I...
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    Hide/Spoiler tags for forum?

    Hello. I was wondering where to get some good hide/spoiler tags for a forum running vBulletin. If you've installed some, please let me know if they're good and where you got them. Thanks.