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It's over 8,000!
Made tag for K-Drama since there is no K-Drama tag. :(

Anyway, it's back on TV! I felt it would be, but when I watched TV today, I knew when I saw it.

Synopsis: Pasta is the story of Seo Yu Kyeong who. after three years of being a kitchen assistant, gets the chance to become a pasta assistant.

After her goldfish are rescued by a man who later is revealed to be the new head chef at the La Sfera restaurant where she works, she is soon fired with the rest of the women chefs because chef Choi Hyeon Wuk does not want women in his kitchen.

Yu Kyeong is determined to get back her job and to become a great chef and in the process of doing so, she and Hyeon Wuk begin to develop feelings for each other.

Episode 1: [HIDE]Seo Yu Kyeong dreams of becoming a great chef at the La Sfera Italian Restaurant. She is the daughter of a Chinese Food Delivery Restaurant owner and she is a kitchen assistant. She has never gotten the chance to serve a customer with her own food.

After three years, she finally gets a chance to become a pasta assistant and a chef. She is happy, but La Sfera's CEO actually hired a new chef in secret who would soon change La Sfera.

While buying supplies, Yu Kyeong is offered a pair of goldfish with the purchase worth 10,000 won more than what she has and she gets them after initial hesitation. While crossing the street, the goldfish are knocked from her hands and a man heading in the same direction as her helps her.

After making it to La Sfera, Yu Kyeong learns that the man who helped her will be working there. She believes he is the new kitchen assistant, but he looks confident and as he leaves, he mentions that the goldfish won't live long. Yu Kyeong asks why and he responds that he noticed they were female.

The following day, the new kitchen assistant and the chef are introduced. To Yu Kyeong's surprise, the man who helped her, Choi Hyeon Wuk is the new head chef.

Choi acts calm and nice to everyone at first, but he soon begins to yell at everyone and he fires all the women in one day.

Yu Kyeong is determined to keep the job she wanted for three years and she confronts Choi at the crosswalk after remembering his comment about the goldfish.[/HIDE]

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