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    Netflix announces ‘exception’ – New Anime Series

    This is great news and we are excited that summer is yet almost here and new Animes are being announced.We are assured of being glued to the tv the whole day.Exceprion from the trailers is a must see.Talk of the veru best in the industry being behind these amazing productions.Keep it up.
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    “Harley Quinn” Animated Series Renewed For Season Four At HBO Max

    Well when the funs are happy with the exciting episodes then why not continue producing more,harley-quin is fun to watch and i also am skeptical as why those two characters had to be intimate now when they were perfect as friends.Friendship is awesome.
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    The War is Coming – MY HERO ACADEMIA Returns for Season 6

    Yes the fall of 2022 season is stacked,Every summer everyone is always expected of what the industry will bring to keeps is glued.And as expected they have meet the expectations yet again.The cour has also welcomed the next seasoned of My heron academia as Izuka is prepared to face his most...
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    FANTASTIC FEST XVII: DECISION TO LEAVE, SMILE, HUNT And More Screening For The 17th Edition!

    This is a Blast of a party i bet,i have never attended one before of such kind but from looking at this i just might reconsider because it s like seeing your fiction characters in real life.I think it will be awesomely huge because for so many years it was put on halt because of the Corrona...
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    Legendary Pictures MONSTERVERSE Expands With New Movie and Returning Director Wingard

    Okay i think this is mind blowing,when you talk of Godzila and King Kong you know we are talking of jaw dropping entertainment.So expectant to see what they will bring on the table this time.I just love the plot layout of this adventeruous and action types of movies.
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    Dislike count, Do you miss seeing them?

    Ohh yeah this is a boomer to some certain degree if your business revolves around rating peoples work or projects trash,i have had this group of people who would want to hit you with words that will demean you and look stupid.Even on WWE i have seen this.But i guess too much of it is bad and can...
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    The Swimmers coming to Netflix

    I did not follow this true life story and the accomplishments that they achieved ,looking forward to see it on netflix and how inspring it is.I am always a fun for such stories that have a potential that not all hope is lost when your life is shuttered.An sure it is a great movie.
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    Netflix 25th year Anniversary

    I am sure Blockbuster is always sobbing everytime they see the success of Netflix.And before reading this article i knew that the comparison would come.But we do celebrate with Netflix for revolutionizing entertainment and enabling alot of people to be able to have top class entertainment and of...
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    Nick Fury’s Dealing With A SECRET INVASION Next Spring

    @Arrowneck you mean he lost his eye from a cat attack?that is the most frustrating action that can happen to a super her.I had missed that scene.Nick Fury is such an iconic character in the marvel franchise of most of the movies he appears.Glad to see him this time back with a blockbuster and...
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    Orphan 3 is probably in the works after becoming the most watched movie in Paramount+ for 3 weeks

    This is what defines a great team behind a great and fantasic movie lease.They ensure that they take all the feedback from their audience.I mean a movies to break such a record and have two follow sequals is simply phenominal.Am sure the movie will continue to gross.