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    The First Joker 2 Details Sound Completely Nuts

    Because everything happens in Arthur's imagination, I wouldn't mind a musical. We'd get some more dance memes to display alongside Divorced Ken. A musical adaptation of The Joker is something I can see happening. It might work only because it's so bizarre.
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    The Game Is Back On In A Trio Of Stills For Season Two Of ALICE IN BORDERLAND

    This show deserves more Seasons than Emily in Paris. Why Netflix loves renewing that crap.
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    Ken Masters and Eliza Divorce, The break up that shook up the video game world

    Meme of the year! I can't get enough of the divorced Ken memes. They are dark and depressing but for some unknown reason they are hilarious too. The Meme made Ken more popular than Ryu and Chun-li at this moment.
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    Black Adam: Shazam’s Nemisis is a Good guy here

    Since 2007, The Rock has been linked to the character, asking fans to vote on whether he should portray Black Adam or Shazam. Then, in 2014, he was cast as Black Adam, a role he has held since the film was handed around to many directors and writers. It shows how invested he is in part, and he's...
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    Daredevil Will Return In New Disney+ Series

    I wonder if we are going to have a continuation of the Netflix show because we have the same lead actor or is this going to be a reboot.
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    Survivor 43 cast revealed

    The Australian Survivor Keeps on being better while the US version keeps getting budget cuts and Yeah Jeff Probst is becoming Lazy. Hosts should not be given creative freedom. This season have lots of Hispanic contestants.
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    Daredevil Will Return In New Disney+ Series

    I hope Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Punisher will have the same fate. Ironfist and Shang-Chi should become a team.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is won by a landslide by Ukraine

    Can you Imagine, UK almost sent The Frock Destroyers over Sam Ryder.
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    Spiderhead -Chris Hemsworth will be the villain of this movie

    Chris is so versatile, and it's fantastic to watch him in both Extraction and Spiderhead at the same time, despite the fact that they are polar opposite roles. Yes, he filmed this film while working on Extraction! In one film, he is a hero; in another, he is a villain.
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    Watch Disney’s Full Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer

    I was one of the people who had been hating of the prequel trilogy but I am excited on this one.
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    Evil Dead: The Game, Is this the game to Destroy Dead By Daylight?

    This looks like a love child between Friday the 13th and Resident Evil Resistance. The Demon gameplay is very resistance like.
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    Square Enix Just Sold All Their Western Studios

    I think Square Enix just want to focus with their Japanese titles like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. The Pandemic really affected the economy so its hard to have multiple studios to run.
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    HBO Max And Discovery Plus To Merge Whether You Like It Or Not

    Cw is part of the inquisition, So that leads to cancelation of some CW shows.
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    Cobra Kai Season 5 Trailer

    Because Robby and Eli are the most athletic performers they have, I believed it would be tough to beat their battle from last season. I completely forgot that Thomas Ian Griffith has a black belt in both taekwondo do and kenpo karate, thus Terry Silver against Chozen will be the season's last bout.
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    America Chavez is causing some controversy for Multiverse of Madness in some countries

    The Actress playing America Chavez is now receiving death threats from Homophobic and racist fans. The Actress is not Gay but she is just playing a Gay character. It is so low of them to attack a 16 year old girl.