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    GAVAN's Jouchaku

    A compilation of Space Sheriff GAVAN's transformation/henshin scenes in his original run. (times when it was done differently -- during stunts, in a pinch, etc). contains HK subs, so don't mind that little "Switch" translation. GAVAN's Jouchaku Compilation - YouTube Can't wait to watch /...
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    Mighty Morphin Gokaiger

    Something I did using Windows Movie Maker. Gokaiger, in episode 11, (as Zyuranger) dubbed using voices of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. YouTube - Mighty Morphin Gokaiger :D
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    KR Black RX book

    Does anybody know the content of this particular book?
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    Edited RX scene

    I made a slight edit to this BLACK RX scene in his first episode (during the part where he was thrown into outerspace). It never took place, but I really wished that he could transform into BLACK (even for at least a few seconds) before he officially evolved into RX, thus I decided to do this...
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    Dedicated To Black

    Is this thread one of the many unlucky ones to get magically deleted? I can't seem to find it. :bawling: Dedicated To Black Oh well, stay tuned for updates real soon. I have to type that down so that I can really force myself to start working on it. :laugh:
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    Best prefix for an evil version of a hero?

    Which name/term/prefix sounds best for an evil version of a hero? :D Dark. Example: Dark Kabuto, Dark Kiva. Nega. Example: Nega Den-O. Shadow. Example: The Shadow Jetman. Evil. Example: Evil Tiga. Nisei (fake). Example: Nisei Ultraman. Robot. Example: Robot Ace, Robot Ultraseven. Others...
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    The better Shadow Moon

    Nobuhiko Akizuki. The original, useless actor who never even have more than a total of 10 minutes of screentime in the original's entire run. Nobuhiko Tsukikage. The AR Shadow Moon, caretaker of Sayo, the one who kicked Kuuga Rising!!Ultimate!!'s ass, yet couldn't even hurt W. Fight...
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    Natsumi GIFs

    I've made some Natsumi animations from KR Decade's All Riders Super Spinoff. Natsumi's DCD Henshin. Natsumi's A-MA-ZON. Natsumi's Final Attack Wink. Natsumi's Whack.
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    BLACK/RX Arcade Character Selection

    I've always wanted to do this.... I made this using Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker. The items used are my BLACK/RX's figurines -- the Rider Hero Series and those mini mask display. :D
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    Request: Name/purpose of this RX ability Help wanted. Does anybody know the name/purpose of the ability seen during 0:34 of the video (those blinking lights)? Clip taken from RX ep 27 during RX vs Shadowmoon.
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    BLACK & RX (Then & Now)

    I've compiled a video of comparisons, of Kamen Rider BLACK and BLACK RX (as seen in their original TV series and in Kamen Rider Decade's TV series). :) EDIT: Watch in HQ for better viewing pleasure.
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    Favourite FINAL FORMS as used by Decade Complete

    AGITO: Kamen Ride: SHINING RYUKI: Kamen Ride: SURVIVE FAIZ: Kamen Ride: BLASTER BLADE: Kamen Ride: KING HIBIKI: Kamen Ride: ARMED KABUTO: Kamen Ride: HYPER DEN-O: Kamen Ride: LINER KIVA: Kamen Ride: EMPEROR
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    BLACK/RX Carmina Burana

    Short vid of Kamen Rider BLACK & RX using Carmina Burana.
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    BLACK/RX Teamup

    WHICH IS BETTER?!! Kamen Rider BLACK RX Movie: Sekai ni Kakeru (1989) Kamen Rider Decade episode 27: BLACK x BLACK RX (2009)
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    Favourite FINAL FORM RIDE

    Your favourite FINAL FORM RIDE? Kuuga Gouram Agito Tornader Ryuki Dragreder Faiz Blaster Blade Blade Kabuto Zector Hibiki Ongekiko Den-O Momotaros Kiva Arrow