Marvel Entertainment and ABC have released the latest clip for the next episode for Agents of SHIELD. You can check out the new video in the player below.

In the latest clip, Agent Skye is struggling to learn how to control her powers. Her new abilities after undergoing Terrigenesis have been fully outed to her comrades-in-arms and superior officers. However, in the last episode, it was revealed that Skye was turning her powers inward and wrecking her own body rather than releasing them and causing exterior damage or to risk hurting her friends. Simmons provides Skye with some bracers for her bone fractures as a result of using her powers on herself. Fitz theorizes that if Skye could learn how to control her new abilities it would make her as powerful as one jade giant. This descends into a fun, nerd-style argument about whether Bruce Banner should cure himself of his Hulk ailment. Fitz believes Banner with his Hulk abilities is a hero, and Simmons argues that Banner would cure himself of his gamma-induced rage monstrosity condition if given the choice.

The 14th episode for the second season of Agents of SHIELD airs on Tuesday, March 24 on ABC.