However crummy your life may be, just be grateful you aren’t one of the last members of humanity, sheltered inside the walls of the last human city, due to giant weird-faced naked monsters stomping around who love to snack on people. Hey, it could happen.

That’s the premise behind Attack On Titan, one of the most popular new manga and anime series currently running in Japan (and elsewhere). There’s a way to defeat a Titan, but it’s not simple: you have to strike their weak point, which is in the back of their necks…100 feet in the air. To accomplish this, the surviving warriors who make up our cast have come up with wild grappling-wire stunts that allow them to leap great distances quickly. It looks great animated.

And there is more animation on the way. Fans have known a second season of the Attack On Titan anime is in the works, but nobody has seen any clips from it….until today, when Funimation gave us all this Christmas present…..

It’ll be a while yet before this new season is dubbed, but the subtitled version will broadcast wherever it can be streamed this April.