First Person Re-Invents Grand Theft Auto V

Although originally released over a year ago, the next-generation version of Rockstar Games epic Grand Theft Auto V is one of the years most highly anticipated releases. Rockstar are steadily building up to the forthcoming release and it’s evident that they’re not content with simply up-scaling the visuals. Last week we reported that there are a series of content additions to the game, including new wildlife to hunt, new weapons, vehicles and more.

Rockstar have now confirmed what has been one of the most intriguing rumored additions – next-gen GTA V will be playable entirely from a first-person view, both in the single-player mode and in GTA Online. Here’s the trailer showing just what Grand Theft Auto looks like in first-person;

In addition to adding the first-person perspective, Rockstar have made a number of changes to the core gameplay mechanics to accommodate the new viewpoint. New additions include a new targeting system and re-developed cover mechanics to ensure cover can be approached and used efficiently without switching views. New animations have been produced as well as a specific first-person control scheme which closer mimics that of dedicated first-person shooters.

First-person views also stretch to the inside of vehicles, each of which has been uniquely modeled – newer, more expensive cars will include digital screens on the dashboard which will display track information for the radio station selected. The in-game smartphone will be shown on screen as if the player is using a real phone, rather than the overlay effect of the original game.

First-person could be a game changer for Grand Theft Auto V by offering a completely new way to explore Los Santos and the surrounding areas. Rockstar certainly seems to have paid close attention to the details, adding specific animations, controls and mechanics to accommodate the view.

Will you be upgrading to the next-gen version of GTA V? And if so, are you looking forward to exploring the game from the first-person perspective? Let us know on the forums.

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