Fallout: Shadow Of Boston Is Fake

Excitement peaked again today following news reports from various news outlets regarding ‘new’ information relating to the next Fallout game. News of a trademark filing in Germany suggested publisher Bethesda Softworks had filed recently for “game discs”, “downloadable computer game programs” and even “auditioning for TV shows” relating to a project titled Fallout: Shadow Of Boston.

Bethesda Softworks have since shot down news reports by confirming that the trademark filing is indeed a hoax, and was not filed by Bethesda at all, via their official Twitter account.

It’s not the first time that hoax “news” of the next installment in the post-apocalyptic RPG series has been reported. Almost exactly a year ago, news spread that Bethesda would be announcing the next title in the series at the Spike VGX awards. Bethesda shot down the rumors at the time, stating that they had nothing to announce regarding the Fallout series.

News of the next Fallout game is highly sought after, with a firm belief that Fallout 4 is in development somewhere, although Bethesda have never officially confirmed that another Fallout game is in development at all.

During the previous generation of consoles, Bethesda published Fallout and Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) titles on an alternating two-year cycle. The most recent release, aside from the MMO The Elder Scrolls Online, was Skyrim leading many to believe that a Fallout title would be the next release. There have also been recent rumors regarding the supposed next Elder Scrolls game, allegedly titled ‘Argonia’, although again Bethesda have not acknowledged or responded to these rumors.

Additionally fuelling the Fallout fire was an easter egg in Bethesda’s most recently published survival-horror title The Evil Within, which displayed a poster for “Vault Living” and appeared to match the art direction of the Fallout series. Again, whether this was a nod to the series in general or a hint at the next Bethesda game is unclear.

One thing is for sure, both Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series are held in huge regard with fans desperate for any information regarding the next installment in either game. As ever, we’ll keep you updated on any and all news regarding either of the titles, right here on PopGeeks.

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