If you own a suit of armor, have a black belt in martial arts, or just don’t care about desecrating a sacred American tradition with pure greed, the barbaric annual event known as Black Friday may be for you. Advertisements and circulars from all the major big boxes are just beginning to be purposely leaked, and here are a few of today’s newly-announced deals you can look forward to seeing in the video game department…..

We said last Friday GameStop was rumored to be holding the reveal for their Black Friday sales until close to Thanksgiving. That’s why we used the word “rumored.” The flyer came out this morning, and here are the goodies within:

$10 off Destiny for any console

Playstation 4 bundle for $399 with Grand Theft Auto V and a digital copy of The Last of Us Remastered

XBox One for $329 with digital copies of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed: Unity

XBox 360 (500 GB) bundle for $199 with Call of Duty Ghosts in disc form and Call of Duty Black Ops II in digital form

Used Playstation 3 Slim for $169 (120GB) or $179 (160GB)

Used XBox 360 Slim for $159 (250 GB) or the original 360 for $89 (keep in mind this was the malfunctioning model)

$30 off on The Evil Within, Sleeping Dogs, Metro Redux, Shadow of Mordor, Rocksmith and……the Duck Dynasty Game

$20 off on Madden, FIFA, NHL, Need For Speed, Forza, Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Thief, next-gen Tomb Raider, Alien Isolation, Beyond: Two Souls, Lightning Returns, and Titanfall for 360

$10 off Bioshock Infinite, last-gen Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4, and XBox One charge stations and headsets

But 2 Get 1 Free on any preowned game

$22 off Call of Duty: Ghosts

$20 off Playstation 4 Camera

$15 off PS4 Dualshock 4 controllers

$20 off a 30-pack of AA batteries

Off-brand 7-inch tablet for $50

$20 off a steering wheel accessory called, uh, the “Thrustmaster”

Wii U: Nothing good on sale at all (unless you want $10 off Sonic Boom). In fact, nothing Nintendo SELLS is on sale at GameStop during Black Friday. What kind of nerve is this?