If you’ve been thinking about jumping into the sci-fi space RPG Encased, now sounds like the time…Dark Crystal Games has discounted the title’s price by 20%. This isn’t just a one-day Black Friday sale….the game will remain at this reduced price until December 3.

In mid-December DCG will be launching a new content patch that adds new story material, new character progression options, psi-abilities, companions and locations.. Dark Crystal Games will also be changing the opening prologue cinematic with this update, so they tell us “Right now probably is the best chance to see the old prologue, before it’s changed forever.”

This is the Early Access version and the game is still a work in progress. As it is, Encased is an open world to explore, with equipment and weapons to collect, skills to learn, three dozen quests to embark on, and around a hundred characters to meet. “Our writers, artists and scripters are [working on more] content patches, so the desert will become even more lively and interesting in the nearest future,” says Dark Crystal.

Encased is available now on Steam. The 20% off sale lasts until next Tuesday, December 3.