After more than 6 years on hiatus and following numerous reports that the game has been rebuilt from the ground up, at the Ubisoft pre E3 conference today gamers saw squad based first person shooter Rainbow Six Siege announced. It was the spectacular ending to Ubisoft’s show, which has probably had the strongest lineup with only Sony’s conference left. Ubisoft also showed live multiplayer gameplay from Rainbow Six Siege and it looked like an absolute blast!

The world premiere gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege had plenty to offer, and no doubt there are tonnes of little hints and things to note when re-watching. The multiplayer mission tasked the Rainbow Six squad with entering a building to extract a hostage. One of the key elements that will please fans of the older Rainbow Six games is the ability to scope out the location pre-mission, shown using a remote drone in the video, and then choose an approach plan before proceeding. In the demo, team members discussed entering the house from the basement but opted instead to repel and breach through upper windows to obtain the hostage straight away.

The demo also showed a huge amount of destructible scenery which had a massive impact on the gameplay – when the enemies reclaimed the hostage nearer the end of the demo, a drone was sent into the basement to check on enemy locations. The team can then be seen breaching into the building from above through the floor of the room above! This level of destructible levels looks unprecedented and could offer some amazing gameplay options.

Other things to note are the fact doors can be blocked and reinforced, and it looked like an enemy was using furniture as a shield during the demo. We’ll have more on Rainbow Six Siege from E3 as it becomes available, but for now enjoy the world premiere video above.

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