During their pre-E3 news conference, EA Games gave gamers new information regarding the previously announced Battlefield Hardline. The biggest news of all is that the Battlefield Hardline Beta is open now on PC & PS4 and it’s first come, first served – if you have any interest in trying the new game out then hop onto the Sony store ASAP – they do seem to be having some technical difficulties, probably due to the huge demand but patience may well pay off!

EA also showed a new online mode for Battlefield Hardline – described Criminals vs Cops; one team is trying to heist and escape with the loot from a bank, while the other team play as cops trying to prevent them from doing exactly that. It looked like the usual frantic Battlefield action, very similar to capture the flag where one team mate is carrying the “loot” and everyone is trying to protect him.

EA and VG247 have also followed up post-show by providing 3 new videos about Battlefield Hardline, with new gameplay footage included, totalling a massive 17 minutes. Tuck in and enjoy below, and we’ll bring you more details as we get them – if I manage to get into the Battlefield Hardline PS4 Beta, I’ll be writing up a hands on later in the week!

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