Did you ever look at the rack of video game controllers and wish they cost more? Microsoft knows how you feel. Today during their E3 presentation they unveiled their XBox Elite Controller Series 2, the most expensive controller ever offered for the XBox (it beats the original Elite by 30 bucks).

The Elite 2 boasts sturdier construction than the original, thumbsticks with adjustable tension, a rubberized grip that can handle buckets of sweat, redesigned bumpers, and three selectable profiles. The whole package costs $179.99, and it was not lost on social media after its reveal that there are some NEW CONSOLES that can be had for that price.

One might question the wisdom of offering an overpriced device like this when everyone knows an entirely new console is on the horizon — is this the 32X of controllers? Not exactly. Microsoft stated during the Elite 2’s reveal that it would be fully compatible with Project Scarlett. So no worries there. This also sort-of confirms there are no radical changes in the works for the XBox controller, but there doesn’t need to be.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 will be released November 4.

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