Tabletop games, like most other interests formerly slammed as “nerdy,” are gaining mass acceptance. More and more people are getting into the activity these days, but their biggest hurdle is knowing where to start. Earlier this summer, Dungeons & Dragons put out an Essentials Kit, intended as a primer for those just entering the world’s most iconic tabletop RPG. However, you had to be a Target consumer to actually buy it.

That exclusivity is over as of this month: the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit is available wherever RPG stuff is sold, whether brick and mortar or online marketplace. Intended for beginners, the offerings inside are slim, but it should get anybody started with the inner mechanics of D&D.

Inside you’ll find a basic 64-page rulebook that pares down the 5th Edition to its essentials, an introductory adventure, “Dragon of Icespire Peak,” six blank character sheets, eleven dice, a DM screen measuring 33″ by 8.5″, a map measuring 21″ by 15″, 81 cards, and a code for 50% off the digital version of the Player’s Handbook.

• Take your first step into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, or get a more expansive D&D experience after playing the Starter Set.
• Play with groups as small as two players (one Dungeon Master & one adventurer) for the first time in D&D fifth edition with the introduction of “sidekicks.”
• Battle and plunder your way through Phandalin in the all new D&D adventure, Dragon of Icespire Peak.
• Experience the thrill of being a Dungeon Master behind a four-panel DM screen with at-a-glance game rules for quick and easy reference.
• Continue your Dungeons & Dragons journey with codes to unlock content on D&D Beyond, the official digital toolset for D&D.

The Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit normally costs $24.99, but if you buy the kit through Amazon or Barnes &, you can get it for $17.49.

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