Nevosoft is proud to introduce Dream Sleuth for Android. It is a thrilling hidden object game, where suspiciously real psychic dreams fit perfectly with good old fashioned detective work.

The plot is one of the game’s great strengths, it’s full of unexpected twists and puzzles: a little girl was kidnapped in a small town, and the official investigation doesn’t seem to be getting any results. Helped by your grandma, a former investigative reporter, you begin your own investigation, interview witnesses and find a variety of hints that will help you get closer to solving this mystery. But the most significant clues come to you in your dreams.

Dream Sleuth is not just a another hidden object game, it’s a cross between a classic hidden object game, logical puzzles and good mind-twisting adventure. Actually, Dream Sleuth requires more logical skills and thought than you might expect from a typical hidden object game.

The hidden object tasks also vary, but you are rarely asked to find more than a couple items at a time. Often you are asked to find items of a certain type, like stars, or money, or toys. Objects are blended in fairly well, although not always perfectly, and you can see slight edges on some of the items. You can click the question mark for hints at any time. Hints are rechargeable, and there’s timer to beat.

The game has another great plus: the creativity and variety of the mini-games. Some may seem quite easy, but most of them are quite challenging. A piece of paper and a pencil may really help you! For example, the first mini-game you meet is the piano puzzle. You’ll have to play a piano, but instead of a musical score you get a color scheme. Further on you’ll meet matching games, jigsaw puzzles, slider puzzles, classification games and other games that are very hard to categorize.

The game has 18 different chapters, each with it’s own location, so you won’t get bored of the same backgrounds.

Fans who enjoy thrilling stories and logical tasks will appreciate this hidden object detective game.

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