Dreadnought has set sail! This new tactical shooter published by indie studio Six Foot lets you command massive floating battleships and wage war against your friends in a fierce battle to conquer territory. You’ll have over 70 ships to choose from at the beginning, with more to be unlocked as you play.

“One of our top priorities is bringing all our players new and unique experiences throughout the year. These latest technical advancements allow us to ensure new game content and updates for players everywhere at a higher pace than ever before,” said Six Foot COO Christian Svensson.

Dreadnought is all about team-based spaceship action in 8v8 matches across exotic locations around our solar system. Command your fleet of over 70 customizable vessels from five specialized classes, unlocking more advanced ships, modules and more as you fight for fame, riches and glory. Battle with friends and players around the world in competitive modes like Team Deathmatch, Onslaught – in which players battle both the enemy team’s ships and neutral AI vessels – and Conquest, where players capture, link and hold territory through strategic maneuvering.

To learn more about the world of Dreadnought, watch the Lore Video published today. It delves into the backstory behind the conflict you’ll be stepping into, and introduces you to the various ships and vehicles you’ll have at your access.


Dreadnought is available now on Steam.