Today is the day Dragon Quest Builders 2 officially launches on Steam. Get it before January 6, and you’ll receive some free in-game bonus content that will give you an early boost in the game.

You’ve washed ashore on a remote island, with no buildings or architecture to speak of. Your only companion is Malroth, another castaway who’s developed a case of amnesia, recalling nothing besides his name. There’s only one way out of this scenario….build, build, build!

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to the hit 2016 original, and you’ll find the same building mechanics within it, but you’ll experience an all-new story with new characters and a different world. For the first time, Square has included an online multiplayer mode where up to four players can unite to build structures at record pace.

  • Construct bigger structures with more variety and options than before,
  • Travel faster by soaring, swimming and dashing through the expansive world,
  • Inspire villagers to help out alongside them,
  • Create their own farms and raise a multitude of crops,
  • Divert flowing water to create your own rivers, waterfalls, and swimming holes,
  • First-person mode and more.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is now available on PC via Steam. Those on the fence can download a “JUMBO DEMO” that provides access to the first three areas of the game (progress will transfer to the purchased version).