High Octane Pictures brought us The Jurassic Games, and now it’s getting even bolder with Dragon Mountain — an original creation involving dwarves, dragons, and danger. Also, the word “steampunk” is mentioned in the press release.

The story concerns four dwarves who are mining in the treacherous mountain the movie is named after. It’s a dangerous job because it’s not called Dragon Mountain for nothing. Suddenly, a cave-in traps all four inside — pinning them in with hungry monsters!

Movie producers of this type generally don’t go for stories like this, or if they do, they’re timed specifically to coincide with a big-budget Hollywood movie that uses a similar premise. It’ll be interesting to see how Dragon Mountain performs. Kudos to High Octane for taking the risk.

Dragon Mountain stars Robert Morgan (Solo : A Star Wars Story), Brent Bateman (Birdman), John Hutton (“Power”), Gys de Villiers (Vehicle 19) and Serah Henesey (Bullet). It was written and directed by Chris Raney.

For something different from video market norms, check out Dragon Mountain when it appears on VOD August 7, and DVD September 4.

In a fantasy world of dragons, magic and myths, four Dwarves are mining in the dangerous Dragon Mountain when a sudden, violent explosion causes a cave in, trapping the Dwarves inside. With oxygen getting low and supplies dwindling the group must work together to figure a way out before it’s too late. But the path to freedom may not be as simple as they hope when they cross paths with a hungry creature tracking them in the darkness.