Publisher Degica Games and developer Toydea are bringing their roguelike Dragon Fang to the PC via Steam this February. Previously the game was a mobile exclusive, but it will be making its Steam debut next week.

If you’re familiar with the mechanics of roguelikes, then you already know 90 percent of what to expect from Dragon Fang: you’re journeying through a series of randomly generated dungeons, collecting items and battling monsters on a grid-based movement system. But what’s different? That’s where the name comes in….

You’re collecting monster fangs, and each one gives you a different ability. There are over 150 to find in the game, but you can only equip three at a time…strategize! The fangs you equip will level up as you fight, becoming stronger.

Due to its mobile origins, Dragon Fang is a free-to-play roguelike, with everything you think that means (in-app purchases and lots of them). It also means free bonuses and giveaways if you log in at specific times. During launch week, buying bonus emeralds from an emerald pack will gain you twice as much as they’re worth (emeralds are the in-game currency).

If you’d rather not make this free game cost you money, you’ll still get free emeralds, emerald stars and a SR or better guaranteed summon ticket if you log in anytime within the first two weeks of launch.

Dragon Fang will become downloadable from Steam on February 4.