There are original game concepts, and then there’s Distortions, an upcoming title from indie developers Among Giants. The light premise involves a young woman waking up in a strange land and setting on a journey to find out how she got there. But the presentation looks like nothing else on the market today.

From the trailer below, the game seems to shift between first person, third person and sidescrolling perspectives — and that’s not the most unusual part. The fact that your main weapon and means of interacting with the environment is a VIOLIN tops that.

Thiago Girello, CEO of Among Giants, says ““Distortions is a music-based project that goes well beyond game mechanics and the world itself. Music has driven the whole concept forward, before a single art asset was put in place. From the start, we wanted to make a game that would use music as the connective tissue between narrative, environment, and language. Before development began, we researched all the types of music Distortions will feature, what kind of ‘vibe’ they provide, and what stories they tell. With all this prior research, the rest was actually pretty straightforward!”

Though Distortions isn’t finished, it’s already won several awards from GameSpot, Casual Connect/Indie Prize, and the Brazilian International Game Festival. Check out the trailer below, and check out Distortions when it appears on Steam in early 2018.

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