Demons are CRAZY! You know it, I know it, we all know it. And what better game to explore this fact that one with it as its literal title? Only problem is, the previous time we wrote about this game, we stated its title was “Demons Are Crazy.” We were wrong. The actual title is “DemonsAreCrazy.” We regret the erroneous use of the space bar.

DemonsAreCrazy is a MOBA where you and your friends are smashing through Hell, eliminating all competition. Satan has gone missing, and every underling desires to fill the power vacuum he left behind. This calls for a proper election…the kind where you win by bashing everyone who won’t vote for you! If anything’s crazier than demons, it’s the multitude of gameplay choices…you can play this game from FPS, third person shooter, hack-and-slash or MMO perspectives.

  • Explore a stunningly detailed rendition of Hell.
  • Experience an intense, action-packed MOBA with FPS, hack-and-slash, and MMO gameplay choices.
  • Build up your political party with 18 playable “Starter Demons” who have customizable skills and equipment.
  • Try your hand at different game modes – including the “Seven Sins” PvP arenas, specialty PvE events, and boss hunt campaigns.
  • You’ll always have something to do with side quests, auctions, guilds, and more!

Those who buy the game during its launch window (two weeks time) will receive special armor DLC: “Outlaw Coats” for complete newbies, and “Beta Coats” for those who played the Early Access version. During the same period of time, you can get your hands on extremely rare equipment (called “animas” in the game) by performing in the top 100 players on PvP rank.

DemonsAreCrazy has been available in Early Access form for some time, but it has now left that status and become a full-fledged product! Check it out on Steam