We’re big fans of Kotaro Uchikoshi’s Zero Escape trilogy around here…aren’t you? If not, or you have no idea what that is, you have a lot of gaming to catch up on (the entire thing is on PS4 and PC). Now that his previous series has wrapped up, Uchikoshi is working on a new tale — AI: The Somnium Files.

The game is due out next summer, and details about its content have gradually been leaking out. The video below marks the first time developer Spike Chunsoft has said anything about the gameplay. Previously we knew AI was a detective game that cast you as Kaname Date, a man on the hunt for a mysterious serial killer.

Because it’s the future, Date not only has the ability to investigate crime scenes and interrogate witnesses…he can probe into their dreams, among other special abilities. Now we’ve found out how those abilties can be used.

The Somnium part of gameplay takes place in the world of dreams. Here you must enter the
dreams of a person of interest to find clues for the investigation.
Mental Locks To find clues, you must solve the mental locks blocking the way. Sink
deeper into a person’s subconscious to find the truth!
6 Minute Time Limit You only have 6 minutes in Somnium to interact with the
environment. You will have a variety of items to investigate, but time is spent whenever
an action is performed, so choose wisely.

AI: The Somnium Files comes out July 25 for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The game will be sold in a standard edition, and in a deluxe Special Agent Edition that includes outer boxart by character design Yusuke Kozaki, an artbook, the soundtrack, three vinyl stickers and an acrylic stand of central character A-Set.

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