Indie developer Supercombo has revealed Arcanium, an open-world deck-building roguelike coming to Steam later this year. When you start out, you’ll choose a party of three from a selection of 25 different and unique anthropomorphic characters, and start exploring the continent of Arzu.

A typical run through Arcanium consists of four chapters, peppered with Epic World Events” that appear on your map and send you into missions or boss battles. A lot of roguelikes travel along a set path, but in Arcanium, you can pretty much go wherever you want from the start.

“Players are not locked into the province where they start their journey, but can roam freely between all available provinces,” says Remi Marchand, co-founder, and CEO of Supercombo. “We wanted to create the perfect blend of Roguelike card game and RPG, and we think that tearing down the borders really gives players a sense of the scale of the world. There are more nodes than you can ever visit during a run. Carefully planning a specific route that will reward your squad with the optimal artifact build, is the key to victory.”

  • A fantastical cast of hand-drawn animal Heroes each with their own core ability cards and ultimate abilities
  • Over 400 unique cards to collect with varying levels of rarity
  • Roguelike procedurally generated events and an open-world map exploration
  • RPG-like character and party inventory system
  • On the fly deck building
  • A lore-rich world with each province bringing its own story and environment
  • 6 playable classes to choose from when building your party
  • Fast-paced, real-time pausable combat that lets the player strategize at any moment
  • Day/night cycle in each province that directly impacts gameplay
  • Unique threat meter mechanic that paces progression in each run
  • 8 elemental schools to use to create devastating combos

You can’t play Arcanium yet, but the time is approaching. Supercombo plans to launch the Early Access version onto Steam later this year.

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