Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where one character plays the killer and four others play the would-be victims in its vicinity. The killer has invulnerability and can never truly be stopped, and depending on what character it is, may also have special abilities. The way to win is to escape, and to do so, the survivors must work together to unlock the path to freedom.

Just when you thought you had every monster figured out, a new character is on the way as part of what they’re calling the Chains of Hate update…the Deathslinger! He stalks his victims wielding a giant speargun made out of a modified rifle. The spear is attached to a chain for repeated use, or for dragging victims toward him…

You’re gonna need some help combating this guy. Enter Zarina Kassir, the newest Survivor. According to developer Behaviour Interactive, Zarina is “a daring filmmaker with a knack for staying quiet and manipulating sound.” She has the ability to heal other Survivors, or even resurrect them — but only if she is at 100% health.

Chains of Hate also has a new map, the Dead Dawg Saloon. “This early settlement on an unforgiving frontier was once the location of an all-out gang war that resulted in a bloodbath,” says Behaviour.

The Chains of Hate update comes to Dead By Daylight on March 10. The update costs $7.99 to purchase.

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