This is perhaps the least surprising news so far this year, but The CW just confirmed their interest in a Batwoman TV series today by putting in the order for a pilot. Caroline Dries will write the pilot and David Nutter will direct. We’d mention who the executive producer is, but by now you know already.

A Berlantiverse version of Batwoman was test-ran last month in the Elseworlds crossover, a three-night event that saw Green Arrow and The Flash switching…not exactly bodies, but lives (and even wives!) In actuality the whole thing was meant as a teaser for the CW adaption of Crisis On Infinite Earths, which they committed to at the end. But it was also a teaser for Batwoman herself, played by tattoo queen Ruby Rose.

In the comics Kate Kane is pretty much Lady Bruce Wayne…she has billions of dollars and she secretly moonlights as a crime-fighting vigilante in a flying-rodent costume. Kane’s exact financial status wasn’t revealed in the preview of her we got in Elseworlds, but this version is actually Wayne’s cousin, so she must have some lucre, despite living in a trashed version of the Wayne Enterprises skyscraper.

We liked what we saw of Kate Kane and Batwoman, and we’d tune into her adventures each week, but with one condition….for the love of Bill Finger, The CW needs to cancel one of these superhero shows; we don’t want to keep track of six. And we don’t mean Legends of Tomorrow, which is amazing and also happens to be the lowest-performing Berlantiverse show ratings-wise because The CW stuck it next to Arrow this season, and the shows serve two different audiences.


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