Cuphead is one of the most memorable video games to be released this generation, and will likely go down in history as a timeless classic. It doesn’t use polygons or sprites, but instead mimics the look of a 1930s cartoon as closely as possible (and it’s also hard as nails). There’s nothing like it.

DLC was announced for Cuphead last year in the form of “The Delicious Last Course,” an add-on that introduces new bosses, powers and an additional playable character, Ms. Chalice. We thought we might see more at E3 this year; we did not. As co-director Chad Moldenhauer explained in a new letter to the press released today, the DLC needs a bit more work and has been delayed to 2020.

While we initially announced a 2019 release date for the Delicious Last Course expansion, our highest priority is making sure this new adventure meets the meticulous level of care and quality we always strive for. We want to be absolutely certain that this next adventure feels at home in the world of Cuphead and is full of moments that surprise and delight players. Furthermore, the development of the original game taught us a great deal about the importance of making things in a way that’s healthy and sustainable for our team.

Perhaps you’re not used to DLC taking this long to make, but not all games are Cuphead. I followed the development of this game for several years and it took a LONG time to build up to its present form. Stuff this good takes effort….a LOT of effort.

We look forward to experiencing a little bit more of Cuphead next year. We have just one word of advice for Studio MDHR: DON’T RELEASE IT IN MARCH.

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