There are first-person shooters, and there are tower defense games, but rarely are the two genres combined. Crystal Defense, an upcoming title from Torni Games, aims to accomplish just that.

Most of the time, you’ll be sprinting around your fortress, spitting lead at hundreds of advancing tanks and bots. But in those moments when they leave you alone, you’ll be spending your quiet time upgrading your towers, buying automatic firing turrets to strengthen your defenses, and applying power-ups to your gun that will give you the upper hand the next time those bots come marching ’round.

  • Fast and responsive character movement

  • Wield a dual purpose weapon to spray or snipe your enemies

  • Build and upgrade towers

  • Get a helping hand by unlocking power-ups to your weapon

Torni Games will be releasing Crystal Defense before the month is through. You’ll be able to find it on Steam July 31, at a price of $9.99.

In Crystal Defense you will have to build and upgrade towers as you wield an upgradable dual purpose weapon to spray –or snipe– your enemies. Your actions play a critical role in a successful defense. Build and upgrade towers to help you defend.
Crystal Defense, the action filled First Person Shooter-Tower Defense hybrid, coming to Steam on July 31.