Uncork’d Entertainment will be releasing the vigilante film Cry For The Bad Man later this spring. This is one of those ironic titles. The villain of this movie doesn’t deserve your tears.

It’s bad enough that the main protagonist lost her husband. It’s worse when a corrupt land developer threatens to make her join him in the grave unless she sells her property to him within 24 hours. She tries getting the police involved, but they’re just as corrupt as the developer is. She decides enough is enough….it’s time to make a stand. She loads her rifle and prepares for war…

Cry For The Bad Man stars Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave, I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà vu), Karen Konzen, and Scott Peeler. It was written and directed by Sam Farmer, and it’ll arrive on DVD and digital platforms May 5, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.

When a small-town widow is grieving in isolation, she receives a deadly ultimatum from the privileged sons of a local land developer to sell her beloved property. With 24 hours to decide and her pleas to the town’s corrupt sheriff falling on deaf ears, she realizes she must take matters into her own hands. Her quest for justice turns into an all-out battle and grisly confrontation.

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