There’s an interesting bit of software coming to Steam tomorrow. It’s not a game, more like a utility. If you’ve ever stared at elaborate 3D-modeled environments and thought you might like to create your own, but WITHOUT the dozens of hours it takes to virtually sculpt every rock and tree…Flowscape is for you.

The program’s one purpose is to make environment creation as simple as possible. Using drag-and-drop mechanics and simple menus, you can place trees, houses, castles, mountains, flowers and even animals wherever you want. You can take a virtual tour of the world you created, take screenshots up to 8K, or create maps with grids ideal for D&D sessions.

FlowScape is able to produce overhead maps with grids for pen and paper RPGs or first-person view scenic environments with sound and lighting effects to create a multitude of moods and settings right on your computer screen. Nearly everything has an option for customization, from the brightness of the sky and ground to ambient lighting and even environmental options such as snow and ice and extensive photo controls that mimic a real camera.

With the ability to save 8k images, panoramas and even maps with grids for D&D players, or to simply just sit in your world and take in the view, it’s all waiting for you in FlowScape.

Pretty cool, right? Flowscape’s models can’t be used in professional projects, but they’re the perfect way to get your feet wet in modeling if you lack the talent. The program goes on sale tomorrow on Steam, for $14.99.