Australian production company Continuance Pictures has announced Cursed, a new satirical series that pokes the horror genre, repeatedly, with a rusty chainsaw.

A slacker named Isaac was spending his evening stone-cold drunk and fiddling with a Ouija board. He must have said something the spirits didn’t appreciate, because he wakes up the next morning with something worse than a hangover…..a dark curse.

Now all sorts of supernatural spookums are coming after him, and he must deal with the phenomena the best he can (meaning not at all) alongside his dopey roommate Ned and other friends. Cursed stars mostly the same cast from another Australian series, “Head Above Warer.”

Ever been interrupted by an interdimensional force of evil whilst on the toilet? Or had to take responsibility of a possessed doll when you haven’t even mastered personal responsibility? Had to distance yourself from a clingy demon spirit in the form of a clown? Isaac and Ned have, and they’re not overly thrilled about it.

CURSED is a horror-comedy series that parodies the clichés and techniques typically found in the horror genre, similar in style to Shawn of the Dead. Shot with the intention of an online release, CURSED draws influence and satirises such horror films as The Conjuring, IT, The NUN, and Annabelle.

“The show was born out of my amusement when watching various horror movies and placing myself in scenes, begging the question, what would I do if faced with different entities of evil?” says creator and writer Connor Fairclough.

While this series was made for the Land Down Under, it’s possible it could come to America in some form. Check out a preview of Cursed below.