Outward is now in development — a strategy RPG from publisher Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots. It’s being advertised as a punishing, uncompromising game, and to succeed you’d better know how to survive. Nine Dots is providing instruction in this task through their Developer’s Diaries, which provide pre-release hints on the game.

The third of these videos focuses on combat. This snip of gameplay footage, with commentary, divulges the secrets to beating most foes on the field, even those significantly stronger than your character.

Debilitating traps, vicious poison and fierce magic should all be core elements of your fighting strategy, but you won’t be able to do that from the get go. You will need to travel far and wide to unlock skills and magic that will help you in your quest. Once you have that, keep in mind you still need to be careful, analyze your enemy’s weaknesses and plan your steps accordingly. Having a plan B also doesn’t hurt.

Look for Outward to land on Playtation 4, XBox One and PC via Steam March 26.

At Nine Dots we create games aimed at hardcore gamers with sophisticated tastes. We specialize in making games that would normally be out of scope for a studio of our size by refining our management practices and by focusing on creating the best working environment for our developers.The company is based in Quebec City, has been around for over 6 years and is currently working on its third game. Our previous title, GoD Factory: Wingmen, was released on Steam in August 2014.

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