Because it had to happen, Wild Eye Releasing will be distributing Clownado this summer.

All you really need to know is the title, but in case you want the details, this is about a gang of demonic circus clowns who commit mass murders across the country by conjuring tornadoes with their evil powers. (Sorry, it’s not about a tornado made of clowns. But a tornado MADE by clowns would also technically be called a “Clownado.”)

Clearly, these big-shoed bullies have to be stopped, and it’ll take more than the police. Standing in their way are a teen runaway, a truck driver, a stripper, an Elvis impersonator and somebody simply described as “a dude.” We don’t know which one of them stops the clowns for good, but our money’s on this nameless “dude.”

Clownado stars B-horror veteran Linnea Quigley, plus Eileen Dietz, Rachel Lagen, John O’Hara, and Joel D. Wynkoop. It was written and directed by Todd Sheets, and will be released on VOD this summer. ….Well, the press info doesn’t state the specific release platform, but we’re assuming this isn’t one of those “big screen” deals.

Cursed demonic circus clowns set out on a vengeful massacre using tornadoes. A stripper, Elvis impersonator, truck driver, teen runaway, and a dude get caught in the supernatural battle between femme fatale and the boss clown from hell.

Scream queen Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead) stars along with Eileen Dietz, Rachel Lagen, John O’Hara, and Joel D. Wynkoop. Sheets wrote and directed the film.

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