Ubiquitous Chinese publisher Tencent Games has announced their new strategy title Chess Rush is available effective today on mobile devices.

When we mention “chess,” we’re not talking about the cerebral game of kings that’s existed for millennia. This game belongs to the growing genre of Auto Chess, where you gather characters, mix and match them to gain strong stats, and then unleash them against opponents, where they automatically fight. There is a bit of battle royale involved as well — the typical match involves eight people competing to be the single one remaining on the board.

In this particular game, you’ll have the ability to combine three of the same character to level up and trigger enhancements called Affinity Bonuses. Heroes with more Affinity Bonuses can use stronger items and defeat more powerful enemies.

Auto Chess matches can sometimes be long — a problem when we’re talking about mobile games — so Chess Rush has a special Turbo Mode that will let you speed through ten-minute matches. There’s also a Co-op Mode included that will allow you to battle along with a friend.

  • Over 50 heroes to choose from to build your ultimate formation
  • Level up heroes by combining three of the same and gain Affinity Bonuses to equip your heroes with items
  • Compete on an 8×8 board
  • Battle against 7 other opponents to be King of the Board
  • Play classic mode or quick 10-minute matches in Turbo Mode
  • Compete with your friends and take on other teams in co-op mode

Chess Rush is available starting today on iOS and Android devices.

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