A dangerous virus with a great speed spreads all over the world! It has already infected a lot of creatures, who are waiting for the hero to be rescued. Remember: you must act promptly and efficiently.

Microscope is the first thing you need so that you could plunge into the unknown before world. There you will find two fighting colonies, one of which you are to head, and a certain amount of neutral cells. Your task is to occupy all the cells, mainly to get as much neutral cells as possible and to render harmless the cells already captured by your enemy. All your cells as well as enemy’s ones have an ability to share 50% of its immunity with any other one. Here you must take in mind that each cell has an ability to restore its immunity with 1% in a second. Be aware that you can’t just affect a cell when your immunity is less than its. This is possible only if the forces of some of the strongest cells will be united and exceed the immunity of an attacked cell. That’s why you should think in advance and take decisions quickly.

Virus War is a really addicting game. Its developers have created original graphics, sound effects and even some so called “Easter Eggs” to amuse you.

Today there are 20 levels in the game. But in the nearest future it will be updated, that means 5 levels more. The last updated version will include of Virus War will include Wi-Fi multiplayer mode so that you could enjoy the game together with your friends.


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