During last night’s Game Awards Square unveiled their latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer. There are now several of these out there, the last one wasn’t that long ago, and this new one doesn’t reveal any new areas, or the rumored additional content Square could be putting in to extend the length of Midgar.

However, you WILL be seeing Cloud getting chewed out by Barret in full English, and that makes it worth a watch to us.

Following the trailer, Square released information regarding preorders. Annoyingly, each major merchant that’s selling this game is offering a different premium for those who reserve it. Take a look through the bullet list and decide which bonus is most important to you….

Looks like the only way one could conceivably own all this is through preordering at Amazon (because the bonus is digital) and eBaying the rest. But I can tell you, if you plan to be sneaking around Shinra HQ anytime soon, you’re gonna want that key card…