Soon, CD Projekt Red will be branding GWENT: The Witcher Card Game with the “COMPLETED” rubber stamp. It’s exiting beta tomorrow and becoming a full-fledged Steam product, but not before one last giant update, which CDPR has dubbed “Homecoming.”

New features and changes will be added to GWENT with Homecoming — and longtime players may be taken aback. That’s why CD Projekt Red published this new gameplay video today, covering those changes, as well as providing an overview of the game for newcomers.

‘The video highlights new features and changes being introduced to the game in Homecoming — the biggest GWENT content update yet. The video also introduces gamers to the basics of The Witcher Card Game, its round-based gameplay, two tactically distinct rows, unique melee and ranged card-battling mechanics, as well as robust deck building system.

Watch for the Homecoming update to go live in GWENT tomorrow, and if you don’t have the game yet, there’s no better time than its official launch. Console versions of GWENT for Playstation 4 and XBox One will follow this December.